Hédo is a revolutionary and novel way of engaging the modern consumer who craves unique experiences and an insider’s perspective to local and international lifestyles.

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Why is Hédo unique?

The Millennial generation is quickly becoming the biggest player in the travel/leisure industry. Through our research we identified their key behavioral and psychological attributes, to provide the only relevant game-based experiential discovery community and informal peer recommendation service designed for the modern consumer.


Checking-in at our partner venues, users earn experience points and become “experts” in categories

Discovery & Reward

Users share their experiences through check-ins and photos, and earn access to an elite community as they unlock new locations and progress in the game


Only the best experiences in each category are part of our community, which attracts a certain level of consumer


A game format stimulates greater consumer engagement and opens new branding and revenue opportunities for our partners

How does Hédo work?

  • Partner venues are classified by category (Adventure, Culture, Luxury, etc.) and point value

  • Users discover new experiences through our recommendation engine or search service

  • Users check in and gain points by scanning unique QR codes (verified by GPS) at partner venues

  • Users review and share their experiences on Hédo and social networks

  • Users track their progress in the Hédo rankings and can view their check-ins and achievements

The Rewards System

Today’s consumer craves status and access. By joining Hédo, the modern consumer gains unprecedented access to lifestyle trendsetters: following featured users and select partner venues. Through Hédo a user has the opportunity to become a trendsetter. The best users are invited to glamorous invitation-only events at the most stunning venues across the world, and recieve our unique travel benefits.

Pre-register to join the Hédo revolution

Pre-registering is a non-binding way to express your interest and support for our work. You will regularly be kept up to date on our progress throughout the development process. Once we approach the launch date, we will contact you to make your Hédo membership official.

Take notice of the Millennials - Key Facts

  • ~1.8 billion Millennials worldwide

  • Increasing spending power and desire to share new experiences

  • Estimated ~$855 billion impact on the US travel industry by 2020

  • Loyal consumers who care for brand loyalty

  • Trust their peers for recommendations

  • Influence older generations

  • Engage brands through social media and new digital platforms

What does Hédo offer?

  • An opportunity to become part of an exclusive community

  • A platform to find like-minded people of similar interests

  • Combining the local and the global - discovering the most rarified locations

  • “Bragging rights”